Spring Housing Intention Form: eliminating a confusion of papers & emails


Each November the Residence Directors/Managers send out forms to each student in their building to determine the students’ housing plans for the Spring Semester.  These forms include a variety of options for students to choose:

  • No Change
  • Graduating: will not need room next semester
  • Student Teaching: will not need room next semester
  • Internship: no housing needed
  • Studying Abroad: no housing needed
  • Change room or hall for spring semester

In addition to these options, students can indicate whether they plan to live in the hall during Winterim or not. The students’ responses help the Residence Directors to plan for filling open spots in their hall during the winter break.


The Residence Directors found themselves sorting through hundreds of pieces of paper and emails trying to determine which students responded and which ones had not. To compound the problem, many of the responses required Residence Directors to follow up. Directors contacted students either by email or in person. Most of the time, keeping track of emails, papers, and other communication turned into a mess.

Problem Solved!

I created an online form where each student can log in using their student credentials and select their housing intentions for the spring semester. Residence Directors can then log into an administrative area where they can view all the responses for the students living in their building, email the student for follow-up contact, and add specific notes. Additionally, directors can see which students in their building have not responded. All of this information can be downloaded into Excel as well. No more sorting through hundreds of pieces of paper, or wondering who has responded and who hasn’t. Problem solved!